Indie Headcam System

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• 1x Indie Headcam System featuring GoPro Camera
• 1x HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter
• 32 GB SDHC card
• GoPro Dual Battery Charger with spare battery
• Hex Driver Tool
• Necessary Cables, components, and documentation
• 12 Month End-to-End Hassle-Free Warranty Included



Looking to break into facial capture, but don’t need all the bells and whistles? The Indie Headcam system is designed for point-and-shoot simplicity. We built the system around the legendary GoPro® camera units to allow anyone to capture facial performances with ease.

Boasting an intuitive ‘one-size-fits-all’ build, the Indie Headcam easily adjusts to heads of all shapes and sizes. The helmet is designed and manufactured with over 25 years of experience. It is Lightweight, Breathable, and Comfortable for Extended Use. 

Whether you need animation Instantly or you want to record for later use, our Indie Headcam systems can do it all. The system includes a HDMI to USB 3.0 video converter, enabling instant animation with Faceware Live, or record performances on the included Micro SD card for use in Analyzer

The Indie Headcam System includes everything you need for facial motion capture, combining our expertise with the proven GoPro® cameras.

Professional one-size-fits-all helmet, three adjustable anodized aluminum mounting bars, custom padding.  GoPro® Hero 5 Black® included.