Live 2.5

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LIVE 2.5


Faceware Live provides the ability to produce live and interactive facial animation in realtime. Live Server automatically tracks video of a performer’s face to stream realtime animation onto your character in the rendering environment of your choice, including Autodesk MotionBuilder, Unity and Unreal engines (additional purchase required for Live Client for Unreal ).

  • Capture realistic motion from a single camera (no depth required) and stream facial animation data onto any custom character in Unreal Engine 4, Motionbuilder, or Unity clients from the Faceware Live Server app

  • Create your own custom solver and read animation data from Live Server via TCP

  • No lengthy calibration required

  • Simple, intuitive character setup process

  • Designed for live broadcasts, rapid production, and project pre-visualization

Live events are just that, live. You need a solution that can get up and running quickly. Live is built on robust technology built from millions of facial images; with our machine learning technology we can track any face instantly, for further accuracy we simply require a 1-second calibration of your performer to track their specific face.

Want to have your characters stream on YouTube, Facebook, or maybe you want your characters to appear at a live event or conference? With Live you can have your characters interacting in realtime to create never-before-seen experiences.

With no inherent limitations, you can have multiple characters interacting with each other in front of a live studio audience, pre-viz complex sequences with all characters at once, or rapidly animate entire scenes.