Analyzer 3

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Looking for the the premiere facial tracking software used by professionals around the world? This is it!

Analyzer is high quality production software that tracks facial movement from video using computer vision and deep learning. Analyzer uses markerless technology to automatically track everything the face is doing for enhanced believability and accuracy. Our advanced pixel-tracking technology provides extremely accurate eye and gaze tracking, further reducing the barrier between your performance actor and their digital counterpart.

Studios wanting to create a lot of animation quickly will love Analyzer's global import/export tracking models as well as the ability to fully automate your workflow with our library of batch API commands.

  • Read and trim by time-code, by frame, or job length, streamlining your animation pipeline.

  • Use Autotrack to track your performance with one button, or create a Custom Tracking Model to refine and pinpoint the exact performance you want.

  • Share global tracking models between users for incredible efficiency. (Studio Plus only)

  • Export data to Retargeter or export directly to XML format for use in your own solver.

Our technology is built from Image Metrics consumer-grade technology meaning Analyzer can work on nearly any face in nearly any lighting condition. Enjoy exclusive features built from millions of facial performance images. Our patent portfolio is entirely homegrown from nearly two decades of practical experience.


Analyzer Studio Plus: Enables you to further improve animation quality, easily share work across jobs for increased efficiency, and automate your pipeline using command-line batch tools.

Analyzer Studio: Our base version, offers a great set of features that enable you to create high-quality facial animation.

Faceware products have been used on thousands of ground-breaking projects and we’re constantly making them better.

Analyzer is simply the most powerful tool available for professional facial tracking.