Faceware Studio - Indie License

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    Indie License of Faceware Studio (Annual)



    Faceware Studio is our platform for creating high-quality, realtime facial animation. We've re-envisioned our software and workflows to give you an intuitive and productive experience. Using our realtime technology, Studio can track anyone's face and create facial animation instantly. Faceware Studio contains a complete Realtime Workflow: with new features, a modern interface, intuitive workflow, and our latest facial tracking tech!

    Am I Eligible for the Indie License?
    Your eligibility for an Indie license is determined by your revenue and funding. To be eligible, you, your business, and/or the project you’re working on must not have annual gross revenues or funding exceeding $100,000 USD during the prior or current calendar year.

    To learn more, please read the Indie License Frequently Asked Questions.

    Faceware Studio Core Features

    Realtime Face Tracking - Improved from the Ground Up

    • NEW Headcam tracking model (now including Deep Learning Jaw Estimation)

    • NEW Static camera tracking model (now including Deep Learning Jaw Estimation)

    • Optimizations for CPU and GPU resources to provide higher FPS 

    User Interface - Seeing is Believing

    • Full animation preview in 3D scene

    • Customizable interface

    • Preview with your own character rig 

    Streaming - Superior Animation Data

    • Stream to Unreal, Unity, MotionBuilder

    • Improved streaming data

    • Supports multiple control schemas (Legacy, Standard, ARKit)

    New Features

    Motion Effects - The Next Level of Animation Tuning

    An internal toolset to customize and optimize animation results with simplicity and expandability. Eliminates the need for complex in-engine scripting. 

    Pathfinder - Your Personal Guide to Great Results

    Pathfinder is a unique workflow guide and status bar combo. Get visual feedback on the quality of your session at each step of the realtime tracking and streaming workflow.

    Cloud-based Login - Animate with Studio, Anywhere

    Gone are the days of your Faceware license being tied to a specific computer. With our new cloud-based login system, you can use Studio on multiple computers with ease.

    Last but not least...

    Studio’s expanded feature set includes Persistent Settings, Video Files as Input, Animation Tuning Profiles, in-app updating, and an in-app knowledge base (Info Panel).

    Software Compatibility

    Faceware Studio is designed for optimal performance on Windows 10 computers. Studio will run on Windows 7 and 8, but you may encounter some performance issues. Studio will not run on macOS.

    • Windows 10: Fully Supported

    • WIndows 8: Limited Support

    • Windows 7: Limited Support

    • macOS: Not Supported

    Hardware Compatibility

    Faceware Studio is designed to be used on a computer with a dedicated graphics card. Faceware Studio may have performance issues on computers with the following hardware: 

    • AMD graphics cards

    Please evaluate Studio using a free trial before purchase to ensure your machine is fully compatible!