Purchasing Faceware products is now easier, faster, and more convenient than ever before!

Browse our online store to purchase annual licenses of Shepherd, Analyzer & Retargeter (Studio or Studio Plus), and Live. Additionally, our Indie Headcam Systems are available for purchase directly through the store.

To purchase perpetual licenses of our software products or our Mark III Headcam System, please contact our Sales Team by emailing

Shepherd 1
Shepherd combines all the integral features a face capture operator needs in one innovative and thoughtful app. Simplify your entire performance capture workflow and use Shepherd Lync with your Vicon or Optitrack system to trigger your facial systems with one button. Buy
499.00 499.0 USD / yr
Analyzer 3
Analyzer is high quality production software that tracks facial movement from video using computer vision and deep learning. It uses markerless technology to automatically track everything the face is doing for enhanced believability and accuracy. Buy
199.00 199.0 USD / yr
Retargeter 5
Retargeter is our animation and solving plug-in to common Autodesk animation products such as Maya, 3DS Max, and MotionBuilder. Retargeter takes the data from Analyzer and applies the motion to your characters through an intuitive and pose-based workflow. Buy
99.00 99.0 USD / yr
Live 2.5
Live is our high-quality, realtime animation software that tracks facial movement from video. Live automatically tracks video of a performer’s face to stream realtime animation onto your character in the rendering environment of your choice, including Unity, Unreal and MotionBuilder. Buy
499.00 499.0 USD / yr
Indie Headcam System
Our entry-level system gives you a one-size-fits all camera at a price that makes it easy to get started in facial motion capture. Capable of recording direct to SD cards or tethered (wired) for live streaming, the GoPro cameras are also adaptable for tracking at the resolution and speed your project demands. Buy
3,500.00 3500.0 USD